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Whether you are a buyer, a seller or an investor, I’m committed to helping you determine and achieve your real estate goals.

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Juan Soto Aguilar

Knowledgeable Calgary Real Estate Agent, Investor, Landlord and Househacker. 

What I Do

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As a buyer, I’ll help you:

  • Figure out what you really want
  • Determine what is best for your current situation and the near future (next 5 years)
  • Understand the benefits and downsides of real estate ownership
  • Break down each expense related to the purchase and maintenance of a property
  • Provide vendor recommendations for any legal, financial or renovation scope during and after the buying process


As a seller, I’ll help you:

  • Eliminate all risk by covering all pre-sale marketing services for free (even if the property doesn’t sell).
  • Accurately determine your property’s value and identify the best pricing strategy for the current market conditions.
  • Highlight your property’s strengths with high quality photos and a thoughtfully crafted listing description.
  • Maximize exposure with omniplatform listing and creative marketing strategies.


As an investor, I’ll help you:

  • Determine your investment goals, risk tolerance and investment style
  • Set ambitious yet attainable investment return goals
  • Understand the different asset classes that perform well in Calgary
  • Understand which neighbourhoods fit your return goals and budget/style profile
  • Understand the rental market and cap rates to differentiate a good deal from a bad one
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